Children at Bray Park State School have many opportunities to get involved and develop skills through music.

Classroom Music

Classes receive a 30 minute lesson each week with a music specialist.  These lessons focus on developing knowledge and understanding about the different elements of music and also give students the opportunity to put these into practice.  Children in the early years are introduced to classroom percussion instruments; recorder is taught in years 3 and 4; ukulele is taught in years 5 and 6.  All children are encouraged to move to music, develop their singing voice and to participate in group activities.

Instrumental Music Programs

Bray Park offers music lessons in brass, woodwind and percussion for children in years 4 – 6.  The group lessons are held during class time on Tuesdays.  Once beginners have mastered the basics on their instrument they are expected to join the school concert band.  Concert band rehearses on Tuesday mornings at 7:45 am.  The band performs at a number of school events and assemblies throughout the year.

Lessons on orchestral string instruments are given to children in years 3 – 6.  Group lessons are held during class time on Wednesdays.  Children in their third and fourth year of lessons are part of the Cantabile Strings ensemble which rehearses on Wednesday mornings at 7:45 am.  Children in their second year of learning are part of the Dolce Strings ensemble which rehearses at 1:15 pm on Wednesdays.  Both ensembles perform at school concerts; Cantabile Strings also performs at competitions and festivals.


Choral Program

We have two choirs at Bray Park State School, both are conducted by the music specialist.  Children in years 3 - 6 are able to sing in the Senior Choir which rehearses on Mondays at 8:00 am.  The Junior Choir is open to all children in Prep – 3 and rehearses on Wednesdays at 8:00 am. Both choirs perform at school events, assemblies, competitions and festivals.

Music Uniform

Children in performance ensembles all require a music uniform.  This consists of the school music polo shirt worn over the top of long black pants, black socks and black shoes.  The music polo shirt can be purchased from the school.

Ukulele Program

Our school has a very successful ukulele program consisting of an advanced group and two beginner groups.  The Advanced Ukulele Group has won numerous competitions including Sing Loud! They are in demand, performing at functions outside of the school as well as at school events, assemblies, festivals and competitions; they rehearse at 11:00 am on Wednesdays. 

 The beginner groups are divided into older beginners (children in years 3 – 6) and our ‘littlies’ in years 1 and 2.  The beginner groups rehearse on Tuesdays at 11:00 am.  Once children reach a certain standard they are invited to join the Advanced Uke Group. 


Last reviewed 12 May 2020
Last updated 12 May 2020