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Understanding the report card

The student report card includes:
Learning areas – each child’s report contains achievement information about each learning area studied. The report may also contain information about extracurricular activities.
Achievement codes – these codes describe your child’s overall achievement for each learning area studied against what is expected at the time of reporting using the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards for each learning area.
  • In Prep, a five point scale is used to report achievement in English, maths, science and history.  The five point scale used is:  Applying, Making Connections, Working With, Exploring, Becoming Aware. 
  • In Years 1–2 the achievement ratings Very High, High, Sound, Developing, Support Required are used.
  • In Years 3–10 the achievement ratings of A, B, C, D, E are used.
  • Effort and behaviour are reported for your child against a five point scale. 
  • In Years 3-10 the effort scale is Excellent, Very Good, Satisfactory, Needs Attention and Unacceptable.
  • In Years 1-2 the effort scale is Very High, High, Sound, Developing, Support Required.
  • Written comments outline what your child has achieved and provide advice on areas for improvement.
  • The number of unexplained absences for your child is documented on the report card.
Please be assured that achieving a ‘C’ on the report card is considered a sound level of achievement. In other words, ‘C’ should be acknowledged as achieving at the level expected of an average child at this stage of schooling.
Where there is concern about a child’s progress, behaviour, etc. parents are urged to make an appointment to see the class teacher. If school personnel are concerned about a child, parents will be advised and an interview/discussion time, (possibly also involving the Principal or Deputy) will be arranged.
The general reporting cycle for Prep to Year 6 is:
•Parent/teacher interview to discuss child’s progress occurs during the first 2 weeks of Term 2.
•Parent/teacher interview at the end of Term 3 at parent request.
•A standard school report is issued at the end of Semester 1 and 2 for all year levels.