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You want me to eat that!!


​2A students took part in a tasting day to celebrate Food Revolution Day.  They tried dates, apricots, passionfruit, prunes, bean sprouts, kiwi fruits, beans, capsicum, lemon, and spinach.

Students collected information about how the foods looked, smelt, tasted and felt.  They wrote responses afterwards describing what they did and didn't like.

Cherami-Mya wrote: "I like the capsicum because it was crunchy and juicy.  I tried bean shoots, capsicum, lemon, spinach, kiwi fruit, green bean and apricots.  I didn"t like the apricot because it was sweet."

Myeisha wrote: "I like spinach because it is light and sweet.  I didn't like lemons because it tasted sour.  I tried spinach and lemons."

Josh wrote: "I liked capsicum because the flavour was not strong.  It was great.  I didn't like spinach because there was no taste."

Elighe wrote: "I liked passionfruit.  It had a really nice, juicy flavour.  I liked it and I hope I have it again.  I didn't like the bean shoots.  They were disgusting.  They smelt terrifying.  I tried passionfruit, spinach and lemon."