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Welcome to 2016

A very warm welcome to all students, parents, staff and volunteer helpers to the commencement of the 2016 school year.
A special welcome to all of our new families, staff and students who have relocated to our wonderful school. I know you will enjoy your time here at Bray Park State School.
Class Lists
Day 8, which is Friday 5 February, is the day in which our final staffing will be determined based on our enrolments on that day. If you know of any family that has moved to the area and has not enrolled, please encourage them to do so as soon as possible. Classes will remain in the current formation until Day 8 when we can assess class sizes and make more informed decisions. With many classes currently at or over maximum capacity, there is no room for movement across classes and therefore requests for movement are unable to be met at this point in time. It is not school policy for parents to request class teachers for their child. Parent information evenings will be scheduled after Day 8.
School Uniform
As it is the commencement of a new school year, it is timely to remind parents of our School Dress Code. The school uniform comprises our Bray Park State School polo shirt, black shorts or skort/skirt, white socks (girls), black socks (boys) and black shoes. Shorts must be mid-thigh to knee length. Denim shorts or jeans are not acceptable. A broad brim school house hat or black hat is required for all outdoor activities. Plain sleepers or studs are permitted for pierced ears and a simple watch may be worn. For reasons of safety, other jewellery items are not permitted. Make-up is not permitted. The wearing of our school uniform creates a sense of community where we all feel that we belong. Please ensure that your child is wearing the correct school uniform each day.
School Commencement Time
OUR SCHOOL DAY COMMENCES AT 8.55AM. Students should not be at school prior to 8.45am (with the exception of students catching Thompson buses). There is no formal before school supervision.
Every Day Matters
A very important message for the beginning of the year – every minute of every school day matters. It is so vital we have students here on time every day that they are well enough to attend. Something special occurs in every classroom every day. As much as your child would like to tell you at times that they learnt “nothing” today, that simply doesn’t happen. Every day teachers are expecting learning to occur and we are expecting your child to be here every day to be a part of that learning.
Believe, Achieve, Succeed
Believe, Achieve, Succeed I am a firm believer in children working towards, and achieving, their full potential. Research tells us that here at school our teachers contribute 40% to student achievement and 10% can be attributed to school, peers and Principal. By far the largest impact, 50%, on student achievement is the influence from the family. The value you place on your child’s education is paramount in determining his or her success. Our school motto, Believe, Achieve, Succeed flows into the home – if you Believe that your child can Achieve, then they will Succeed. Talk to your child about what they have been doing at school. Show an interest in their homework tasks. Always speak positively about school subjects (even if you didn’t like a particular subject!).
Parking is always an issue at the busy ‘drop off and pick up’ times. Please be patient and safety aware whilst dropping off and collecting children in and around the school grounds. The area along Hopetoun Street is a two-minute drop off and pick up zone. The Administrative Car Park in Hopetoun Street is a staff only area but houses one Disabled space and an Emergency Vehicles bay. Please avoid this car park area.
Further parking for parents with students with a disability is available off Sparkes Road. Parents must display the 2016 parking permit issued by the Office. Our local Police Beat Officers regularly patrol the areas in and around our school to ensure the safety of our students. I look forward to working with you and your child throughout 2016.