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Tawny Family Photos

​Can you spot the Tawny Frogmouth family?
Bray Park has a beautiful tawny frogmouth family who reside in the trees in the Prep /Year 1 playground.  The adult birds are about 30-35 cms in length.   The birds have yellow eyes and a very wide beak with which they make a loud clacking sound.   Tawny frogmouths hunt at night for insects and then roost up throughout the day in trees that provide excellent camouflage.  Tawny frogmouths  catch their prey with their very wide beaks.  They have excellent eyesight and hearing.   The two young ones are being taught survival skills by their parents. 
Viewers will need to look very closely as they appear to be part of tree branches.   Pay particular attention to where branches fork out from the trunk of the tree.