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Space Explorers

5A and 5B went on a mission to save the Earth's population.  We spent a day as spacetroopers researching planets which were suitable for us to colonise as, in the year 2030, Earth is running out of resources. Students in 5B realised they could use the information they had learned and researched back in Term 2 when Year 5 did their Solar System unit, which was a great idea and implemented by both classes. Students worked in teams of 3-4 in the roles of agriculturists, scientists, engineers, quartermasters, navigators and communications officers to plan the best way to help the human race to survive.  Teams appointed a captain for the day, under the guidance of their Commanders (Mrs Adams and Mrs Fitzgerald) and the Sergeant-at-Arms (Mr Le Vesconte) and had to stay in role throughout the day, culminating in a role play and freeze frame dramatisation to their peer audience.  They had to work together in their teams (in role) to design a team name, motto and badge, then problem solve the best way to help the human race.  The process drama ended with students individually reflecting on their own performance, and the performance of other teams or individuals.  The children did a fabulous job and a fun day was had by all.