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Sarara Helps in 6C

​This week Sarara helped us.  We are starting a unit about writing diary entries, so we wrote a diary about Sarara's time in our classroom.
Here are a couple of samples of the diary entries.
Wednesday 8th February
I woke in anticipation of the exciting day ahead.  I heard that Mr Kennedy is one of the coolest teachers in the school.  I found out this was right when he told us all one of his hilarious jokes.  We laughed and laughed.
The morning just flew by as the veil of time slipped away.  There were so many captivating activities that made my mind blow.  My favourite was when we made a loaf of bread.  It takes a long time.  We had to mix, knead, rise, knock it down, prove and finally bake.  It was delicious.
Monday 13th February
Gradually I stumbled out of my tree and climbed down to sounds of children talking and teachers cheering as the new week began.  We hit the ground running this morning and checked our mould.  That is our science experiment of course.  My mould grew so quickly over the weekend that I can't even see the bread for all the mould.  It is mostly black, but I can see blue, green and grey colours.
Shyann and Zariah took me to visit the Preps.  We played on the fort.  We also played some math games like Connect4.  I had to really think about what move I should make next.