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Pet Smart visits Bray Park

On Thursday 28th November 2013 there were wild animals roaming the hall. There was a blue tongued lizard, carpet snake, crocodile and a bearded dragon just to name a few. The presenters’ names were Louise and Kirsty.  The first animal they brought out was Freddo the Green Tree Frog. Freddo was slimy, but we weren’t allowed to touch him because of the oil in our hands.
Next was Bluey the Blue Tongued Lizard. Bluey has a blue tongue because the colour blue means danger. Next they brought out Speedy the Bearded Dragon. Speedy tried to escape but Kirsty caught him. Next they brought out Ziggy the Stinson python. As soon as Ziggy came out Mrs Adams run to the back of the stage. Next came Zabba. Mrs Adams was so scared she ran out of the hall. Then came Amber the Golden Brush Tail Possum. She is as gold as gold can be, her fur is as soft as a feather and her eyes sparkled in the sun. Then a tawny frogmouth came out. Did you know they can turn their head 180 degrees? At the end we got to pat Crunch the crocodile on the way out.
Boden Walker