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NAIDOC Celebrations

In week one of term 3 we celebrated this year’s NAIDOC.   This year’s theme for NAIDOC was ‘Sacred Ground’.
We began with an informative assembly on Tuesday afternoon. The audience were entertained with a PowerPoint presentation, poetry, and a performance by our Indigenous students and ukulele players of ‘From Little Things Big things Grow’. We also had a very engaging demonstration and story of the didgeridoo by our Indigenous guest, Goma Conlon. The assembly closed with a performance by the advanced ukulele group of our original song, ‘Narragunnawali’.
Narragunnawali is an Aboriginal word belonging to the Ngunnawal people meaning peace, alive, well-being and coming together. We acknowledge the United Ngunnawal Elders Council for granting us permission to use this beautiful word. It was wonderful to hear the entire school singing along together during this song. Our song has now had an impact across the nation as we have been awarded ‘Runner Up’ in the 2015 National Reconciliation Song Contest. This is the same contest that we won last year with ‘Bring it On’. As ‘Runner Up’ we have been awarded $500. This is a wonderful achievement for our ukulele players.
 As part of NAIDOC celebrations, all students also enjoyed a day of cultural activities. Activities included painting, Indigenous games and boomerang throwing. Each of the activities was run by visiting Indigenous artists and ‘experts’. It was a most rewarding and enjoyable day.
We were also privileged to have the Indigenous author Gregg Dreise come to our school. Gregg is the author and illustrator of 'Silly Birds' and 'Kookoo Kookaburra'. Both of these stories are about teaching morals.
Silly Birds is based on the saying, “It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys”. Kookoo Kookaburra is based on the saying, “Kindness is like a boomerang - if you throw it often, it comes back often. If you never take the chance to throw it, it never comes back”. Students and teachers were thoroughly engaged by Gregg’s interactive performance which included singing, dancing, story-telling and playing the didgeridoo. Whilst we have purchased three copies of each text for our school, students are able to buy personal books at a cost of $25. If you are interested, please let the office know and we can arrange the order.
We would like to acknowledge the work of our Indigenous Committee and the wonderful ukulele players who contribute so much toward our award winning ‘Bring it On’ program. As a result of the awards and money we have won, we are able to provide opportunities for all students to benefit. We hope the activities students have engaged in over the past fortnight have been beneficial.