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Halogen Young Leaders Day

​Bray Park Student Leaders

​Our student leaders attended the Halogen Young Leaders Day Conference at the Brisbane Convention Centre.  Two of our leaders wrote reports about their day.

The National Young Leaders Day
by Tamika Jenkin
On the 3rd of March Bray Park Leaders went to the Brisbane Convention Centre for National Young Leaders Day. We got to hear from and meet lots of people like Karni Liddell, Andy Griffiths, Lorin Nicholson, Wes Mannion and Mike Martin.
 Firstly, I’m going to tell you what Karni Liddell spoke about. When she was little she wanted to be a swimmer. She has a muscle disease in her leg so her Dad made a machine for her and it actually worked.  At the age of three and a half she took her first step. Then she started swimming and she always came last.  Today she is one of Australia's most successful Paralympic swimmers.
Mike Martin, director of the Halogen Foundation, talked about what  fantastic leaders we were and how lucky we are.  Also he said badges are not that important and that we are meant to be caring and kind to everyone and we all understood that.
Lorin Nicholson is a man who was born legally blind.  He is very talented because he plays the guitar.  When he was little, he rode 275km to the beach in NSW. He went to school and told his friends he made it and they didn’t believe him so he pulled out a photo of him standing on the beach with his bike.
Wes Mannion owns Australia Zoo.  He says, "Anything you do, do it with passion.” His best friend was Steve Irwin. Wes mostly likes the crocodiles and said  they are friendly most of the time.
Andy Griffiths is an author.  He started writing because he thought children’s books were boring. Now he writes very funny books.
I’m a big fan of JTR and lots of other people are too.  They came and sang their new single to us.  From them, I learnt that it takes practice to sing. 
Halogen Young Leaders Day
by Daniel Smith
On the 3rd of March, 2014, the Bray Park State School Student Council went to the Convention Centre to attend the Young Leaders Day.  Many famous speakers attended the event.  The speakers were: Mike Martin, Director of the Halogen Business; Karni Liddell, 2 time Bronze Medallist at the Paralympics; Andy Griffiths, the author of the Treehouse series;  Lorin Nicholson, a blind guitar player; and Wes Mannion, manager of Australia Zoo.
All of the speakers had great speeches. They all had their different ways of presenting their speech. Mike Martin talked a lot about leadership and showed us a diagram of the “Leadership Tree”.   Karni Liddell, Wes Mannion and Lorin Nicholson talked about a life story which led them to wanting to help kids and encourage leadership.  Andy Griffiths talked about his life journey and what lead him to want to write kids’ books.
We also did a few activities called “bounce the beach ball” and “I am somebody” to interact with other students. The band, JTR, from the 2013 round of the hit TV show The X Factor, made a special appearance to promote their new single. Some students also got an opportunity to meet Andy Griffiths one on one. Unfortunately, none of Bray Park State School’s students were able to meet Andy Griffiths and get a book signed.
The excursion was a great event and all of the Bray Park State School Student Council would have learnt something new about leadership. The event is a great way to learn new things and I would recommend this event to next year’s Bray Park State School Student Council.