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Gardening in Year 1

Year 1B have been interested in the garden outside their classroom and have been learning about the needs of living things.  We have found that plants need sunlight, water, nutrients and space. 
Year 1 have helped to improve the gardens outside their classroom and look after them during the week.   However, there are a number of people we would like to thank.
Without the kind donation of the variegated plants from Wendy our wonderful cleaner, we would not have the nice garden we have today outside Year 1B.  She also went out of her way to do some magical planting of her own before we even got to school.   Ros also helps to water our gardens on Monday afternoons, which really helps particularly during Summer.  Mrs Smith our Teacher Aide provides us with her extensive gardening knowledge and helps to guide us on a daily basis.  Mrs Smith is our expert fruit and vegetable grower!
Together as a class we are repurposing our other gardens.  In one garden near our classroom we are going to plant some indigenous plants. Near the Year 2/3 classroom we are going to plant some fruit and vegetables to see what we can produce.
Year 1s would really like to ask everyone to make our school great and look after our gardens by not running through them and pulling out the plants.  TOGETHER we can look after our school environment!