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Chicken Pox Alert!

Chicken Pox Alert!
We have been advised of a case of chicken pox by one of our pre-prep families who attended this week.  The pre-prep children attend Bray Park SS each Wednesday morning. 
All Bray Park families are advised to be alert for the symptoms of chickenpox.  Chickenpox usually begins with a slight fever, headache, runny nose and cough. A day or two later a rash begins, starting as small pink blotches but rapidly progressing to blisters which usually last three to four days before drying out and turning into scabs.
The chickenpox virus is spread through coughs and sneezes, and through direct contact with the fluid in the blisters of the rash.  People with chickenpox should be excluded from childcare facilities, schools and workplaces for at least five days after the rash first appears or until dry scabs have replaced all blisters.
If Bray Park School families know of any pre-prep families, please advise them of this information.  As with all illnesses, families are encouraged to seek the advice of health care professionals.