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Camp at School


​Camp at school was fun.

On Monday, we played some games and some art. We did some Zentangles. They were a little frustrating but mostly enjoyable.

On Tuesday it was super exciting because we got to watch a movie called ‘The Never Ending Story’. After we did a writing task on the movie. The group I was in wrote about the similarities and differences of the bullies. After the writing task we finished off our Zentangles from the previous day.
On Wednesday, we played some games like ‘Chinese Whispers’. It didn’t last very long though.
On Thursday, Miss Kassel was back from camp and she planned lots of activities for us to do. The first activities was making slime. It was really exciting. My group and I decided to make purple slime. At the start it didn’t seem like it was going to work but in the end it was the perfect slime! Later that day, we played ‘capture the flag’. I was one of the defenders, it was really fun. After lunch, we made Mini Pizzas using muffin bases. We also got to have fruit punch! In the afternoon, we went to the Indigenous Room where Aunty Maree read us a dream time story. We had to lay down, closes our eyes and picture the story in our heads. Afterwards we were allowed to paint what we saw from the dream time story.
On Friday, we held a Mini Olympics. We were broken up into different teams and each team became a country. I was in team France. We competed in many different events like Hula Hoop Competition, Shooting Hoops, Frisbee Toss and even an Obstacle Course! Then we competed in many different relays to win points. In the end, Team Mexico won the Olympics. In the middle session we had a jam session with Mrs Speirs on the Ukulele’s. We learnt new chords and played a few songs together. To finish off our exciting week, we participated in team building games with Chappy. We had a great time.
by Charlie Nolan