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6B Animal Descriptions


​6B have been writing animal descriptions.  Here are a few for you to enjoy.


by Ryan

 A cat is a furry feline with a long tail and four petite legs. Although some have an innocent look, don’t be tricked for they have sharp claws and teeth. The furry feline feed usually on types of fish and mice. Cat’s play with cat toy’s such as a ball of string, a cat scratcher and paper balls. Cat’s make good pets and even friends.
by Jackson
A crocodile is a large, scaly animal with 4 stubby legs and a long tail. A crocodile is most likely to live in the waters of Australia and cannot be domesticated. The largest species of the crocodile is the Saltwater Crocodile and is the closest animal today to a dinosaur. The main diet of the crocodile is meat or fish.
by Emma
Tigers have black and orange patterns on them. They also love to go for walks and play in the water. When tigers are young they’re very playful and also have sharp teeth. Tigers are very heavy because they weigh about 200kg. You will find Tigers at the zoo, Dreamworld and Thailand and I am sure a whole lot of other places.
by Tiana
A giraffe is an animal that walks on four legs and has a long tail. These animals are fascinating and can be found in zoos or Africa. Giraffe’s have no teeth and their tongues are purple. Giraffe’s are very tall, they can grow about 30 metres high. They have long necks to reach up to the tall trees to eat the leaves. These animals can also run very fast when they are being chased by a threat such as a lion or tiger. Giraffe’s are harmless creatures but you can never keep them as pets. Giraffe’s also have a light brown body and dark spots. 
by 6B
A Koala is a nocturnal animal, which sleeps all day and travels all night. Koalas survive on eucalyptus leaves, which provide water and food. Koalas are an endangered species because of all the trees near roads, koalas mostly get struck my cars when crossing to other trees. When Koalas have babies they normally carry them on their back. Male Koalas use their mating call to find female Koalas. Normally Koalas mark their territory by rubbing their chest on the tree. Some koalas can be taken as pets. 
 by Brianna
A monkey is a mammal that resembles a human but with far more hair/fur. They are also excellent climbers because they have long arms and thumbs on their feet. They can be very playful and fun. They have a long tail which is good to help them keep balance. They are also very intelligent and can be trained for the circus. There are other animals that are like monkeys, such as: The Great Apes. A human is also a part of The Great Apes.