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4/5E Science Investigations

This term Year 4/5E have had a busy time working on their Science units.  They have  investigated the Solar System, and made some wonderful posters which are on display in the classroom.
As part of the geology unit, the children have investigated the rock cycle and learnt about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.  We have quite a collection of various rocks in the classroom at the moment. They have also undertaken an in-depth investigation of weathering and erosion, and the effects these events have on our environment, both natural and man-made.  The children have been on an excursion in the local area, which gave them firsthand experience investigating the natural erosion taking place at the tributary of the creek behind Todd’s Road, as well as the man-made erosion taking place further along Todd’s Road.  They also identified lots of different weathering, both physical and chemical. 
The students have also been working in groups to investigate the effects of weathering, and have been engaged in modelling erosion through investigations both out in the sandpit, and in the classroom, and designing modelled solutions to prevent erosion from occurring.  These investigations have required the children to use mathematical knowledge, including collecting data and graphing the information, measuring height, length and width, and measuring capacity, and comparing and contrasting their results.  They have had to work in teams effectively to conduct their investigations, make predictions, test hypothesis, write up observations, and make an analysis of what has occurred. 
They’ve done a great job and have had a lot of fun as well.
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